MAXCCTV makes and sells security dvrs, security cameras and surveillance equipment to the public and business markets.
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MAX PRO4 security DVR - our best seller

MAX-GPRO Security DVRs

New for 2010 is our Real Time security DVR series, the 4- and 8-channel GPRO series. Many advanced features plus compatibility with 3G mobile devices for remote surveillance.

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MAX IP bullet camera

MAX-IP280 IP Camera

This indoor IP camera equalizes the IP camera market with an affordable with an affordable offering. Now any home owner can afford an IP camera.

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MAX PLEX4 Security DVRs - State of the Art H264 video compression

MAX-PLEX Security DVRs

Our PLEX series is available in a basic 4-channel model and a premium 16-channel model with 3G portable device compatibility.

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MAX outdoor IP camera

MAX-IP285 Outdoor IP Camera

Armed with a 6mm lens and a heavy duty infrared LED array, this camera provides great streaming video day and night.

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Welcome to MAXCCTV.

We make state of the art security DVRs and surveillance cameras that are affordable for the average home owner and small business owner.

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